Mental Health Resources for Educators & Healthcare Workers

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Mental Health Resources for Educators & Healthcare Workers

Teaching has its own unique set of stressors and challenges; however, during these unprecedented times, the burden on educators can become overwhelming – personally and professionally. The University of Texas at Tyler’s School of Nursing, Center for School Based Research & Instruction, Office of Community Engagement, College of Nursing & Health Sciences, and College of Education & Psychology are forming a collaborative team of faculty, administrators, and students to help address this critical issue facing educators in East Texas.

East Texas Teachers have been navigating uncertainty since last spring. Now, as back-to-school occurs post-holiday, the short- and long-term forecast for COVID-19 still feels very uncertain and challenging. For essential workers like teachers, the day in, day out, unpredictable nature of the pandemic can take a mental toll and be incredibly fatiguing.  

Realizing the critical role educators play in the lives of East Texas students, our collaborative team is  joining forces to provide free telemedicine mental health services to area educators. These virtual screenings, sessions, and group sessions will be facilitated by students from the departments under the supervision of UT Tyler faculty.   

The UT Tyler Mental Health Resources for Educators program will begin offering virtual consultation services with a small pilot group in the 2021 spring semester, with the hope of increasing the reach of the program in the 2021-2022 academic year and beyond.  Your gift helps us expand the program to reach more teachers across East Texas.

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